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The history of construction machinery

Release time:2018-01-23

  Construction machinery is an important part of the equipment industry. In a nutshell, machinery and equipment necessary for comprehensive mechanized construction works required for earthwork construction, pavement construction and maintenance, mobile crane handling, and various construction projects are called construction machinery.
  After 50 years of development, China's construction machinery industry has formed an important industry capable of producing 18 major categories and over 4,500 specifications and models and basically meeting the needs of the domestic market, with a considerable scale and vitality. For the construction machinery industry, adjusting the product structure in development is the key. The first is to focus on the needs of the domestic market while developing competitive products on the international market. For the dominant products that already occupy the market, new varieties should be added to meet the diverse working environment in different regions and different climates. In product development, we must focus on the international market and domestic construction projects and the needs of rural development, do more user research and market analysis. In addition, special attention should be paid to the structural adjustment and development of the engineered and engineered components of construction machinery. It is one of the keys to improving the level of components to meet the product requirements. With the market demand and changes, the construction machinery operation technology needs improvement, construction machinery wireless control system popularization, and Hercules industrial wireless remote control, a major construction machinery industry control products
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