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Concrete mixer definition and composition

Release time:2018-01-23

  Concrete mixer A concrete truck used to transport concrete for construction; it is also often referred to as a screwdriver because of its shape. These trucks are equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum to carry the mixed concrete. In the transport process will always keep mixing drum rotation, in order to ensure that the concrete will not be solidified. After delivery of the concrete, the inside of the mixing drum is usually rinsed with water to prevent the occupied space of the hardened concrete from becoming smaller and smaller.
  It is composed of automobile chassis, mixer drum, transmission system, water supply device, full-power PTO, front and rear bracket of mixer drum, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, inlet and outlet system and operating mechanism. Due to technical bottlenecks, domestic tank body volume 3m? -8m? Made using four large pieces, the volume of 8m? Most of the four large pieces of imported parts.
  Mixing truck components: two chassis, transmission, hydraulic system, rack, mixing tank, out of materials device, water supply system, control system, ladder and other parts. The front end of the stirring tank is connected with the reducer and is installed on the front of the rack. The rear end of the stirring tank is supported by two rollers mounted on the back stage of the rack through the raceway.
  Power from the second chassis full power power take-off output through the transmission shaft power to the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic pump hydraulic pressure generated by the pipe to the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor hydraulic energy into kinetic energy through the reducer deceleration by twisting pass Mixing tank, by adjusting the (double acting variable) hydraulic pump servo handle angle in order to achieve positive and negative mixing tank rotating speed size, in order to achieve concrete loading, mixing, stirring, discharging and other operations.
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